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Pet Passports

Pet Travel Scheme allows dogs and cats to travel between the UK and other EU countries

Pet Passport

The Pet Travel Scheme allows dogs and cats to travel between the UK and other EU countries, without quarantine, so long as they comply with the relevant regulations.

To enter or re-enter the UK from other EU countries (or "listed countries") without quarantine, in this order, your pet will require a microchip and a vaccination against rabies. They will then require an EU Pet Passport to be issued by an Official Veterinarian. They will also require treatment against tapeworms (dogs only). An authorised carrier and approved route must also be used. Please note that you must wait 21 days from the date of vaccination before travelling.

Further information can be found on the DEFRA website but we have produced this fact sheet to outline the basic principles of the scheme. The information on this page was correct as of April 2013, however for up to date information, please check the DEFRA website.


The microchip must meet an ISO specification so that a standard microchip scanner can read it. All the microchips implanted at Usk Vets meet this specification.

Rabies Vaccination

This must only be given after a microchip has been implanted, and after 12 weeks of age. Usk Vets use the Nobivac Rabies vaccination brand, which requires a booster vaccination every 3 years. This booster must be given before the "Valid Until" date in section IV of the passport. If the booster is missed, you will be required to re-vaccinate and repeat the waiting period.

However, please note that there is significant variation in the local rules in EU countries regarding the vaccination interval, so we advise that you thoroughly check you have fully complied with each country’s rules before travelling.

Passport Issued

Once all the above has been completed, your pet will be issued an EU Pet Passport by an Official Veterinarian (OV) to certify that all the above conditions have been met. Vets with OV status are available at all our surgeries.

Waiting Period

There is a 21-day rule about travelling with dogs, cats & ferrets within EU countries after vaccination. Animals must wait 21 days from the rabies vaccination before travelling either in or out of the UK.


If your pet stays in another country, it may become subject to that country’s rules on residence (e.g. pets in France become resident after 3 months). You are advised to check with the authorities of that country what those rules are and what implications becoming resident will have for your pet (e.g. some country’s require annual vaccination against rabies).

To re-enter the UK: Treatment for Tapeworms (dogs only)

Before your dog can enter the UK, it must be treated against tapeworms by a vet and recorded in your pet's passport (travel between certain countries do not require this). Any vet in the EU can do this treatment. You must not do it yourself. Your pet must be treated not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours before being checked in with an approved transport company to travel to the UK. This treatment must be given every time your pet travels to the UK.

The product used for tapeworm treatment must contain praziquantel or an equivalent active ingredient. There is no longer a requirement for tick treatment however we strongly recommend that you obtain a suitable product to protect your pet from us before travelling.

Travel between the UK and non-listed countries

Requirements vary greatly and you are advised to contact DEFRA directly for the most up-to-date information. Information can be found on the DEFRA website at or you can call the PETS Travel Scheme Helpline on +44 (0) 870 241 1710.

If you would like to discuss your pet's Pet Passport or book an appointment please telephone (Usk) 01291 672637 or (Caerleon) 01633 430053.

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