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Useful Links

A list of useful links and informative websites

Useful Links

We have endeavoured to compile a list of useful links and information websites.  However we cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites or endorse any of the services listed.

Please select one of the following pages.


Pet Charities

There are many pet charities situated in South East Wales. Here we have listed a few of them. 

Some sanctuaries and charities provide permanent homes for abandoned or stray pets to live out their lives in comfort. Others offer a temporary home or place pets in foster homes whilst awaiting adoption. 

Assistance charities, providing fully trained pets for people with disabilities, often need temporary foster homes where puppies can be brought up correctly, socialised and start their training process to become useful companions to assist their human in everyday tasks. If you feel you have what it takes to give a puppy a good start in life and on the right path then contact them.

Search and Rescue Associations also rely heavily on charitable support and sponsorship to undertake their work. 

There are also various charities which can give financial assistance to pet owners towards the cost of neutering pets. Eligibility criteria is displayed on their websites.

Assistance Charities

Take a look at the websites listed here and if you are aware of any that do not appear on this page then tell us about them so that we can add them to our website and promote their work by emailing


Equine Charities

This page contains information about equine charities. Some care for neglected or retired horses and ponies giving them a second chance in life, others actively rehome horses and ponies under their carefully run adoption schemes.

If you have a favourite equine charity that is not listed here then please let us know about it by emailing the name and website of the charity to and we will add it to this page.


Wildlife Charities

At Usk Veterinary Centre we occasionally treat injured wildlife. Our staff know that it is important not to handle wildlife any more than necessary and try to make it tame. There are lots of wildlife charities out there doing a fabulous job of nursing and rehabilitating wildlife. Here are some of them.

If you have a favourite wildlife charity that you don't see featured here then please tell us all about it by emailing and we will add it to our website for the benefit of other visitors.


Rural Charities

Local children's farm

Rural Charities

  • Bees for Development Trust
  • Garnsychan Partnership - Local Community Charity making sheds and animal houses from recycled timber
  • Monmouthshire Meadows
  • Usk Rural Life Museum 01291 673777
  • Victory Outreach UK Animal Project Woodside Lodge Hafodyryns Road Crumlin Gwent NP11 5EQ


Service Providers

Official bodies

Here are some local services for horseowners which you may find useful. We cannot endorse any particular service or the content of any outside websites. If you are aware of any products or services which may benefit visitors to our website please email details to and we will do our best to include them.


  • Joe Deacon 07814964232
  • Raymond Mathews DIP.WCF 07957600028

Livery Yards 


Alternative Therapies

  • Sarah Price - Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist

Equestrian Shows



Information Websites

Our veterinary staff are available to offer you further information or advice regarding your horse's condition. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01291 672637. 

In addition, these websites may provide useful further background reading. We are unable to endorse any of the products of services listed below and cannot be responsible for the content of external websites, they are provided for information only.


Breed Information


Equine Clubs and Societies

There are many clubs and societies for the novice rider and the enthusiast. Whatever you choose to do with your horse, whether it is happy hacking, racing, show jumping, eventing, hunting.... the list is endless! We hope you can find what you are looking for here.  We are unable to endorse any of the clubs or societies listed here. We also cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites.

Breed Clubs and Societies

Riding Clubs

Pony Club

Driving Clubs

If you are aware of any clubs or societies that are not mentioned here then please let us know all about them by emailing and we will include them on our list.


Farm Service Providers

We are compiling a list of service providers to farmers, if you are aware of any services that you would like to include here please email details to We cannot endorse any of the services listed here, they are provided for information only.

Agricultural Engineers

  • James & Powell - Zetor Tractors - 01633 450550
  • Harold R Johns 01291 689278 07860 700001



  • AJR Feeds and Fencing 01873 8555580 07785 755680


  • AJR Feeds and Fencing 01873 855580 07785 755680

Livestock Services

  • ADP Cattle Foot Care 078974 120589
  • Andrew Mear - Livestock Services, Portable Cattle Handling

Meat Producers



Farm Information

We are endeavouring to bring together useful information websites which may interest viewers. We cannot endorse any of the websites appearing on this list - they are listed for your information only. If you find any websites useful that you feel may interest other viewers please forward information to


Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Rescue organisations rescue and rehabilitate wildlife with the minimum of intervention. If you find a wild animal in distress contact one of the following who will be able to help.

If you are aware of any other rescue organisation we can add to our website then please email details to Thank you for your assistance.


Animal Rescue

If you are aware of any animal rescue associations which we may add here please email details to

Dog Rescue - All Breeds

  • Friends of the Animals - 01443 687467
  • Four Paws Animal Rescue - 01633 440519 / 07538398319

Greyhound Rescue Wales

  • Greyhound Welfare - 01633 892846

Rottweiller Rescue

  • Mr Colburn - 02083 104422 
  • Mrs Ralston - 01672 841111

Yorkie and toy Dog Rescue

  • Socelex Rescue Centre - John (01495 211401) 
  • Stray Ringed Pigeons - 01495 713529
  • Tortoise/Terrapin Rescue - Ann Ovenstone (02920 531282)