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Farm Vet

Farm animal services

Preventive Herd Health Planning

Herd health planning is available for beef, dairy and sheep production. The planning enables you to have advice on worming, vaccination programs, breeding programs, strategic culling policies, lameness and other common disease problems within your specific set up.  Our vets are Action Johnes Accredited Advisers.

Annual reviews allow us to examine medicine usage and enables us to set targets for reducing reliance on medicines.

The final document contains protocols formulated by you and the vet for each issue discussed, to prevent disease and to maximize your production.

If you would like further information please telephone 01291 672637.

Clinical Services

We have vets available for emergencies (difficult births or loosing blood) 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  

We also carry out planned visits for  routine tasks such as castrating, dehorning and pre-movement TB testing.

Routine visits are available for dairy farms that have a monthly or fortnightly vet visit to carry out fertility work. Our vets use up to date ultrasound scanners and we have all the necessary software to carry out comprehensive analysis of herd data to help inform decision making on your farm.

Normal daytime visits are banded by travel time from Usk Veterinary Centre.  Our vets can carry out the following surgical procedures on farm:

  • Displaced abomasum correction
  • Rumenotomy
  • Caesarian section
  • Digit amputation
  • Hernia and fracture repair
  • Vasectomies of rams and bulls

We also have animal handling and operating facilities at our main branch in Usk and in some circumstances it is preferable to carry out procedures there. If you are transporting an animal to our surgery for emergency treatment please telephone in advance to let us know you are on the way so that we can be prepared for your arrival.

Technical services

Fertility Testing of Bulls and Rams

We have electroejaculation equipment to assess the semen of rams and bulls. This service is very competitively priced and can be used prior to the ram or bull being used to be more confident of reproductive success.  The service can also be used if there has been some doubt over the performance of a particular ram or bull.  

For more information contact Ben or Zoe.

Heifer Pelvic Measurements

Remove the heifers that are more likely to have calving difficulties. The vet can also examine the reproductive tracts of the heifers at the same time and help you make selection decisions.  

For more information contact Ben or Zoe.

AHDB Mastitis Control Plans

Clinical and sub-clinical mastitis continues to be a major problem to the dairy industry. The AHDB mastitis control plan has saved the dairy industry millions of pounds in reduced medicine use and discarded milk. Dairy farms cannot afford to not have one of these in place- ask the farmers who have them!!!  

Contact Ben for more information.

In House Laboratory

A unique selling point of Usk Vets is the laboratory services we offer:

  • FecPak System: This is the latest technology in the counting of worm eggs particularly in sheep faeces.  The system is automated, gives a same day/ next day result (depending on time samples are dropped off) and is the most reliable system available.
  • Calf scour rapid tests: These enable us to identify the four major organisms that cause calf scour (Cryptosporidium, E-coli, Rotavirus and Coronavirus).  Appropriate treatment can then be given quickly.

Farm Care Information Websites

We are endeavouring to bring together useful information websites which may interest viewers. We cannot endorse any of the websites appearing on this list - they are listed for your information only.  

If you find any websites useful that you feel may interest other viewers please forward information to

Countryside Alliance 
Farming Connect
National Animal Disease Information Service