Out of Hours Vets Service

Usk Vets provide a 24hr emergency service for all registered clients. Our own vets run the service. We think this provides better patient care and continuity for our clients. Therefore please bear this in mind when using the service and only use it for true emergencies (the vets providing this cover will be working the following morning). For non-urgent enquiries please ring in normal office hours.

This is how the service works if you have an out of hours emergency:

•    Ring the day-time number for either Usk 01291 672637 or Caerleon 01633 430053
•    You'll be transferred to a call centre (at no extra cost) where your details will be taken 
•    The duty vet will be alerted and call you back to discuss the problem

If the vet feels that an examination of your animal is required:

•    The vet will arrange a suitable time to meet you at the designated location 
•    Small animals are examined and treated at the Usk practice
•    Farm animal and horses are seen onsite, or at the surgery if felt more appropriate

Visits and attendance to the practice out of hours are subject to an additional fee. This fee is dependent on what time the call out is made i.e. the more unsociable the hour, the more expensive.

If you are not a registered client you should try and contact your own veterinary surgeon. Nevertheless, in the case of a genuine emergency we will examine and treat your animal and endeavour to acquire your pets clinical records from your own vet. However, you must be prepared to pay for our service on the night in question.

Any hospitalised patient out of hours receives monitoring and medication as deemed necessary by the vet on call on a case-by-case basis.